Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stash Enhancing

My favorite enabler, Annet, called yesterday morning. Trouble. She was bored and trying to entice me to go out and "do something". I should know to check my bank balance when she calls.
So I agreed to meet her halfway which is near Woodbury Commons Outlets. After a cursury run through Michael's where we basically just caught up , I happened to mention that a quick google after she called (see what she makes me do!) showed that there was a yarn shop in Cold Spring. So we were off. It was a gorgeous day and the ride up the Hudson was beautiful. Coldspring is a charming little town with a Main Street that runs down to the river with lots of fun over-priced shops. We had lunch under the trees at the redone train depot, then started exploring. Mostly antique shops, but a great place called Wearable Art where everything was art including the sofa and an awesome bead store where I just had to pick up some beads in my favorite beachy colors (peridots and apatites) No one seemed to know where the knitting store was until the guy in the bead store headed us in the right direction. It's on Chestnut Street which is also Rt. 9D in a little strip mall, sort of set back.
What a find! It's called Knittingsmith. Starting off right at the door with the sale bins-I got some Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in Yellow Ocher, Blue and Beige at 30% off- just right for scarves for Christmas gifts. Penelope, the owner was very friendly and very helpful. The selection was incredible and she had lots of sample pieces for inspiration. From chunky to lace weight. I saw yarns I have only read about online. Spent what seemed like hours looking and touching. Also ended up with some Trekking in Prima-greens, Gems Opal in Willow (both for socks) and some Filatura Di Crosa Magico in Teal multi just because it spoke to me and I have no idea what I will do with it. I came in under my self-imposed limit. Annet beat me times 3 but besides a bunch of yarn, she got one of those kits for a jacket (I forget the designer's name, but you know the exquiste yarns and patterns that are a true investment). The kits are on sale, btw, I think 25% off. So we had a blast and I have the ballwinder up and running. If you are nearby, or are planning a nice day trip, this is a great destination.
Annet just e-mailed me that next week she wants to try cleaning, etc the newly shorn fleeces from her "girls", Thelma and Louise. I was bugging her about learning to spin and she has a good supply of wool at hand! Like I have all this spare time to try something new......Art ADD.


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