Monday, December 18, 2006

Long Time No See

Oh, I know. I have been negligent. Each time I returned to my blog, I felt a wave of guilt, growing more vague with time. The Incident with the car dealt a blow to more than my car! But I am back (hopefully) and will try to be more diligent. I found out something interesting...I met a guy recently and he googled me and my blog popped up! So this is a part of who I am now and the message I have been giving for the last month is that I don't finish what I start. This is not the impression I want to give.
This is the only picture I took at Rhinebeck. It was a really cool vine cascading down a wall. I was too overwhelmed by everything else to even get my camera out of my bag. But my wallet managed to get out and do some damage to my bank account. Everything I bought is wound or used, so no pix, but I did get some wonderful yarns plus fleece to play with. The Blooger Meet-up was great. I met many of the people I only know about online like Cara and Amy and [sigh] Stephanie, resplendent in her wedding shawl.
So I am back . So much to tell - FO's, a knitting group, plus lots more I will save some for another time. Lots of frantic gift knitting going on now. My camera has died, but a little elf may have mentioned that Santa will be bringing me a new one with lots of megapixels!!!! Oh, boy!


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