Saturday, October 14, 2006

What's a Blogger to Do?

I was reading Cara's blog and finding that I have the same problem with being off my blogging rhythm. It's not that there aren't things to blog, it's just getting to it, routinely. And this meshes with something else I have been thinking about - how do you choose which blogs to read? I have my list over there on the right hand side. Daily, if possible, I like to check in with them all. But then I'll get a link to another great blog and add that one to my list. And another. I usually start at the top and work my way down, but I have been finding that I am not always making it to the bottom of the list. So when that happens, I start at the bottom of the list the next day. Only the list keeps getting longer and those guys in the middle are losing out. (Sorry, Mrs. Frick) And now there is Rhinebeck and I'm going through Cara's list of those attending to get to know them and finding great blogs. Plus I know I will meet some great bloggers there whose blog I will need to add to my list. Which leaves little time for MY blog. I will just have to quit my job and stay home reading blogs and blogging.
On the knitting front: I started a hat for #2 son. It should be callethe Frog hat. I started a variation on Kimmie Kemper's Swell from Knitty. Ribbing instead of ear things, no pattern, a tweedy green, size medium. A belated fitting led to the first frogging. Guess DS's head is bigger than I thought. "And Mom, could you make it in black and white with that wave pattern and ear things?" Sure. Did the ear things, attached them to the main part and I just wasn't loving it. Frog #2. Back to ribbing, no ear things, size large. "Mom, can it be done for the football game tonight? I need a cool hat for tonight." Sure. Frantic knitting. Size looks good. Screw up the decreases twice in the last 4 rows and frogging k2tog's is a bitch -especially in a hurry. Finished!Too f-ing short!! This kid's head must be huge! Had to go to game without cool hat.
Cut and ripped all the way back to the start of the decreases. I am adding 2 inches before I start the decreases. and this is where I am so far.
I am really looking forward to Rhinebeck and meeting the people I only know on line. ONe more week!


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